Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine's Heart Crayons

These are cute crayons for Valentine's or weddings, or someone you love! My favorite are the pink and white ones, and Inara (my little sister) likes the blue and green ones because her favorite color is blue. They are on the site my mom and I share so you can buy some if you want!

Right now I am saving my money for Disneyworld and to buy the new Disney Princess Legos like Arial. Thanks for helping me sell crayons. ~ Evie (5 Year Old Entrepreneur)

These blog posts are scribed by Adrienne Evie's mother. In Evie's own words (sometimes edited for easy understanding, and sometimes I just leave the rambling). Evie is 5 years old and one of the cutest entrepreneurs you will ever meet! We told her she had to save her own money for family vacation and toys she wants, it may have been a mistake as now our entire family gets to help with her entrepreneur endevors. 
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