Friday, January 17, 2014

Making Crayon Molds is More Fun Than...

Evie's Quote of The Night

"Making crayon molds is more fun than playing in a bowl of bologna sandwhiches!" 

I had my first 'rush job' this weekend and had to stay up really late peeling crayons! Inara got to get in the bath before me, and play with my bath tea set. But, it's okay because I made one hundred dollars! I am going to get to go on a date with dad to the bank. I have to give them some of the money for when I'm older, and we get to go get happy meals! Oh yeah and we listed to my new songs on the radio why [while] we peeling the crayon papers off. Some of the papers got stuck and we put those crayons in a big bowl of water to get all wet first. 

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