Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crayons for Secret Santa

From Evie's Mom:
While listening to the Radio early in the morning there were several stories in December about Secret Santa and Evie asked what that meant. I told her that it was when families helped other families to get Chrsitmas presents for kids who didnt' have any toys or presents. She asked if we could help some kids who don't have any toys. I said yes. We went to the county building and selected a family from the tree of families in need to help Evie sold 12 pair of Dino crayons to be able to help the family. Here is her story....

"I am selling dino crayons to buy toys and presents for a little girl just like me! She likes princesses, and pink just like me and she wants a new blanket, and slippers (probably hello kitty) and would like a new toy!" - Evie

Evie sold 12 pair of crayons and did help a little girl just a year older than she is. We took Evie shopping she picked out a pair of Hello Kitty slippers, a tea set, and a journal and stickers! The entire family chipped in including Evie's grandmother, greatgrandmother, her father and I. We took our christmas treasures back to the county building where they were delivared to the family. Thank you to everyone who helped Evie with her first sub for santa this is sure to be a family tradtion now! It gaves us a lot of great topics to discuss about why we celebrate Christmas. 

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