Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My First Cash In

T-H-E   M-O-N-E-Y   C-A-M-E!!!

The bank had the money and now I get to put it in my envelope! 

Evie and her Cash

Note from Evie's Mom: If you remember we made a deal with Evie at the beginning of this little adventure that she had to put half of hte money she makes into her college savings fund, the other half she can save for Disneyworld and/or use for other things she wants. Her dad is encoraging her to buy Disney gift cards with the money she wants to save for Disneyworld so she doesn't get tempted to spend it. But after such a hard and long week of making special orders (and an overwhelming support from family, friends, and strangers) Evie has more than enough to justify a shopping trip to the Lego store. Afterall at this age you might need to pay yourself every now and then just to keep going... 

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