Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dr. Who & Tumbled Stone Crayons

My mom and I looked online and we ordered new molds with the money that is still stuck on the PayPal, it hasn't gotten to the bank yet. I ordered five new molds! I got a princess one, a Dr. Who one, a Star Trek one, one for grandpa that is like rocks, a new sword one for Constee and a kitty one. Some came in the mail and I got to answer the door and say "thank you".

Note from Evie's Mom: Evie started watching Star Trek Next Generation with her dad and I at night. We are re-watching them as a build up for the upcoming comic con coming to Utah in April. We first thought Evie might be too young to enjoy them but she has really gotten into it. About 2 weeks ago she saw her first episode of Dr. Who which scared her to death but she watched it in horrific fascination, and has asked to watch more of them with her dad ever since. He is still leaving out select episodes, and editing them but they have loved their geek time together :)

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