Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Utah Kids Club Winter Palooza - First Show (January 25th, 2013)

First Show - Utah Kids Club Winter Palooza

(Note: this post is written by Evie's mom) Evie got to do her first show yesterday at the Southtown Expo Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. She sold nearly 30 sets of crayons and has gotten almost 40 new Facebook followers from fliers her and her dad passed out! Here are some pictures of her at the show! 

Evie enjoyed setting up her table, and I was glad we got her easy to open containers! 

The show got crazy busy as it neared the middle of the day! 

Evie got Tinkerbell's Signature! 

Thank you to everyone who came and supported Evie and the Winter Palooza! We had a great time and hope to be going back next year :) 

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