Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Crayon Molds!

We got to order new crayon molds off the computer! 
Y-a-h!!! This is the best homework project ever! 

My grandma helped me buy 4 new molds and she even paid for them as a present for me! Thanks grandma! I made new mallard (mom called them ducks but they are really mallards), bunny rabbits, zoo animals, and farm animals. My favorite are the bunny rabbits they hop and make cute sounds [mom insert: they only hop or make cute sound when Evie is playing with them, sound and hopping motion not included on bunny crayon orders].

Go to my store and you can buy the new crayons for Easter, or for playing with with Barbies as the Barbie pets!

Shop Evie's Crayons On Etsy Here... 

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